Following this Sunday’s Gala Final we have received several concerns from the finalists of our Wedding Ring Supplier category as to the judge’s impartiality in undertaking the assessment of this category. We have been informed that, having openly revealed themselves as judge during our Gala Final, the judge in question, along with members of their party, made several comments as to the bias of their scoring.


As an independent awards recognition scheme we take such concerns incredibly seriously and, after researching this issue further, we at The Confetti Awards agree that the judge was compromised in their ability to judge this with the strict impartiality required.


We are greatly disappointed that the judge in question did not approach us to highlight any potential conflicts and as their conduct directly contravenes the agreements set with judges they will not be asked to return as judge or competitor in any of our awards.


In the interest of fairness we offered finalists in the category the opportunity to be re-judged by another judge but this was declined.


We have decided to retire this category for future iterations of the awards until such time that we can appoint, with all confidence, a judge that can uphold the value of the awards and judge with impunity.


Affected finalists agreed that the rightful winner was crowned on Sunday and so we still warmly recognise Laings as the winner for 2017.